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AUSTRALIA Theatrical review

“An emotionally moving film.  Thomas, Katic, and Apte have such an engaging and realistic approach to the material.  Each of the performances is replete with human, not female, strength and weaknesses. The performances are aided by an excellent script.”


“Written by Sarah Megan Thomas  ‘A Call to Spy’ at the very onset manages to not only grab your interest but also underline how even steely women, ready to put their lives on line for their country, faced casual sexism and dismissive attitude from the men….  the film truly wins with the extraordinarily natural performances of its three leading ladies (Thomas, Apte, Katic) – restrained and full of conviction…”

BBC Film Review

“hidden figure of the spy world . Depicted with dramatic flair in A Call to Spy reclaims underappreciated women in history…. These heroines speak to the present through their unrelenting battles against the sexist establishments of their day. None of their lives was more dramatic than Virginia’s. [The film] uses [the spy genre] effectively, creating suspense and near-misses whenever the Nazis approach. Resistance is a common thread…. In 2016, the CIA named a building after Virginia Hall… Telling Virginia Hall’s story on screen, along with those of other undersung heroines, is a more dynamic living tribute than any building could be.

3.5 out of 4 stars

“I was engrossed for every moment of the film’s 123-minute running time. A Call to Spy is an engrossing and often thrilling spy drama, and a tribute to this courageous and diverse group of women. These women were heroes. Hidden figures no more.”

The Guardian

Meticulous depiction of female war-time agents


Churchill’s Secret army of female operatives. Inspired by true stories, A Call to Spy is a compelling tale of extraordinary courage and sacrifice…. Each woman left an unmistakable legacy and the film is a tribute to their bravery and ingenuity.


A Call to Spy is a suspenseful W.W. II espionage drama, but very much suited to these times.


Sarah Megan Thomas is the standout here


“Sarah Megan Thomas’ script shines a light on the forgotten soldiers of World War II: Britain’s circle women spies. With strong performances by Radikha Apte and Megan Thomas herself, it’s a must-see.”


3.5 out of 4 stars

“I was engrossed for every moment of the film’s 123-minute running time. A Call to Spy is an engrossing and often thrilling spy drama, and a tribute to this courageous and diverse group of women. These women were heroes. Hidden figures no more.”

“Sarah’s film, EQUITY, premiered in Dramatic Competition at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival where it sold to SONY PICTURES CLASSICS. The film will be released in theaters July 29, 2016”


Bracing, witty, suspenseful. One of the most wrenching scenes involves the childless Naomi’s figuring out that her protégée, Erin (Sarah Megan Thomas), is pregnant. The look on the younger woman’s face (Ms. Thomas) — pure panic eating away at the obligatory mask of joy — haunts the rest of the movie.

LA Weekly

Imagine you’re watching Wall Street, but Michael Douglas is a badass Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) grooming a female Martin Sheen (Sarah Megan Thomas). What’s most remarkable about Equity is that it’s a high-stakes thriller so good that the actors’ genders matter not at all.


Anna Gunn and Sarah Megan Thomas play hard-hitting professionals who aren’t afraid to admit that they like money (and they look great getting it).

The Guardian

“All the performances [in EQUITY] are top notch”

Hollywood Reporter

“The leads [in EQUITY], especially the women (Anna Gunn, Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Reiner), offer subtle but gutsy work.”


“Bentonville was abuzz with a parade of A-list celebrities who flocked to the fest to inspire, educate and promote diversity and gender equality in film and TV. Industry-led panels….featuring Rosie O’Donnell, producer Kristin Hahn of Echo Films, Melissa Joan Hart and Sarah Megan Thomas.”


[quote author= “Starpulse”]”lead gal Thomas as the magnetic Abigail. Everything about her screams authentic – from her on screen sports spirit to her awkwardness in matters of love. It’s a rare enigmatic performance.”[/quote]


“The Following” star James Purefoy has joined Anna Gunn in “EQUITY,” Broad Street Pictures’ Wall Street Drama. “BACKWARDS” star Sarah Megan Thomas will play a VP at the bank.

Daily Mail UK

James Van Der Beek had a new leading lady tonight as he premiered his latest film, Backwards. The 35-year-old looked dapper on the red carpet next to co-star Sarah Megan Thomas on Tuesday night in New York.

See the Red Carpet Photos, Here

The Awards Circuit

Sarah Megan Thomas is quite a great actress, and should do more work in mainstream cinema. I could see her being the Sarah Jessica Parker of her generation if placed into the right film projects. She’s got that spunk, wit, and intellect, plus she’s got an ease about her that is both relate-able and comforting.


Once you hear Berowne(a)’s (Sarah Megan Thomas’) immortal cry of longing ‘Oh my little heart!’ spoken by a woman, you may wonder why Shakespeare didn’t think of that. This elegant adaptation reveals wit and precision in every line, costume, glance, gesture, and prop. The tickling emotional perplexity of the people onstage always seems about to leap out and seize the whole crowd. It’s fun to watch. Gender reversed production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost”


“Thanks to Thomas’ and Pietropinto’s vivid performances. Suffice it to say, Summit Conference’s mistresses shouldn’t be missed.”


When Thomas smiles, she lights up the screen. Her quiet magic gives the film a warm glow.[/quote]
The naturalistic performances of the two leads (Thomas and Scheinman) are incredibly winning, and viewers will be rooting for these two to get together.


Philadelphia stars in film about rower’s bid to make Olympics, Click Here to Read


Eva’s (Thomas’) fidgety, nervousness reveals a personality that makes it easy to believe that she attempted suicide three times. The show’s brief run has just been extended for a week, to March 6th. Rightly so. It’s one of the more provocative and stimulating dramas to be found on or off Broadway.


New rowing movie about the realities of one rower’s Olympic dreams. Click Here to Read


[quote author=”THEATER MANIA”]”Both actors (Sarah Megan Thomas and Reese Madigan) are pitch-perfect, uncovering the ugliness and unhappiness within the couple’s lives while also displaying their desperate desire to hang on to the love they once felt and maybe even continue to feel for one another.”

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